We create smart solutions.

Our service offering has the direct impact of improving productivity of jobs, processes and ecosystems across all sectors of the economy due to the nature of AI & Machine Learning, that is simplifying the work of the end user. Our existing product range include Digital Payment Apps, Talent Management Platforms, Search Engines, Medical Advice, Legal Advice and Bots that assist end users to solve day-to-day problems.

Our expertise

App Development

Designing and creating advanced but intuitive software applications typically for mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Building systems that allow  machines to automatically mimic intelligent human behaviour.

Digital Design

Crafting human centric ideas from a conceptual level through to implementation. 

Machine Learning

Using AI to allow systems to independently study data patterns and determine results.

If we can imagine it,
we’ll create it.

The home of Letscoin.

Top Up

Choose to top up your Letscoin wallet by either using a voucher or your credit card.


Letscoin can be transferred between users.


Cash withdrawals can be made at Letscoin Cash Centres.


Requests for payments can be managed by issuing and receiving invoices.

Find Merchants

Find merchants easily and instantly pay them for their goods and services.

Safe & Secure

Unique passwords, biometric and facial recognition is setup per user.


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