We’re passionate about
people & technology.

Defining our future.

Our Mission

To help automate a few essential parts of the information value-chain… so real people can simply make their lives easier and perform their jobs better. 

Our Vision

To inspire a new generation of intelligent-technology users, intelligent-innovations and intelligent-innovators around the globe.

Our Philosophy

Change is inevitable and the best way to adapt to this reality is to embrace it. Embracing technology is a smart way to become creators of change, with impact.

Some believe in staying ahead of the curve,
we believe in creating it.

Our Why.

The Unstructured Data Space is expanding rapidly and sifting through it is a strenuous and time-consuming task. As the virtual world is becoming more autonomous, it is time to push the limits.

LEN24 is build to develop new software to deliver upon this new set of expectations. A group of seasoned Computational Linguistic Engineers and Architects with more than 50 years of combined experience managed to build a technology that bridges the gap between Processing Natural Language … and actually Understanding it. We combine our presence in Germany and Cape Town with a rich pool of European talents making us a pioneer in Natural Language Understanding.

Who We Are.

Our team of 60+ people are a mix of tech enthusiasts, marketing experts, product visionaries, and design virtuosos, who are bound together by a shared passion for improving our quality of life with the use of technology. We work hard and play hard while enjoying the rollercoaster ride that is the startup life.

Join us, we have good coffee.

Ithuba Investment Bank is our financial partner. The company was founded with a mission to redefine the way we think of money. It’s constantly innovating and creating benchmarks whereby finance and technology meet to improve the life of everyone.